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This section was written by Dave for his excellent adaption of Appleseed to the Fuzion system.  Click here to see Dave's gameView the original text here. Portions of the text were edited to to keep it in line with the D6 system.

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Construction plans for Olympus began in the early 1990s, and now, almost 150 years later, Olympus is debatably the center of all culture and law in the world. It is a man-made island, a floating city in every sense of the word. It is located between the Azores and Canary Islands. Consisting of several arcology complex "mini-cities" over the sub-tropical island, it is a wonderous place, eons ahead the rest of the world. Using technology, it is the most advanced, recognized sovereign governing body. It's city structure is emulated by nearly every other reconstructing nation.

Olympus was designed by some of the greatest minds of the late 20th century, and it shows. It is almost literally the 'perfect city'. Built on the concept of 'Functional Simplicity; Structural Complexity', the city is practically a living, breathing organism. Technology, organic and inorganic, makes the city beautiful. The Arcologies are built to minimize shadows in the winter, and use fiber optics to provide perfect natural lighting indoors. The space between the arcologies are damp, bright, and fertile, forming beautiful parks and gardens. One would think this city to be a perfect utopia...

Olympus has its share of problems. Internal and external conflict threaten the topple the city at any moment. Racial tension - not the black vs. white, Asian vs. Anglo, native vs. conqueror conflicts of decades past - is constently on the rise, as the city is populated primarily by bioroids, with a smaller "immigrant" human minority. Employment, healthcare, and political rights are at the center of the issue. What's more, many nations would give anything to see Olympus fail. The most right of Imperial Americana view Olympus as a communism, and the most left Europe view it as a corrupt police nation, worse than the old United States ever was. Olympus has even fewer friends in the Middle East. Terrorism is also a problem. Foreign sponsered black-ops and radicals are constantly attacking Olympus. There's a large, public "situation" nearly every other month. If it weren't for the effeciency of Olympus' law enforcement and military, they might actually be in serious danger.

Facts at a Glance
Population: 1,637,190
Racial Demographocs: 78% Bioroid, 22% Human, <1% Full Cyborg
Population Below Poverty Level: 0% (!)
Hospitals: 31 (12 catering exclusively to bioroids, 1 to cyborgs)


Arrival in Olympus

 Despite being an island nation/state, Olympus is perhaps the easiest to get to city in the world. Airfare to Olympus is relatively cheap, and customs is a breeze. For that matter, it is very easy to apply for "asylum" in Olympus, almost regardless of where in the world you come from (so long as you have some talent, skill, or money). 

The two most common ways to enter Olympus are by boat (the least practical), or by plane. Sea travel provides entrance through the Suiten Arcology Block, though aside from tourism, not much naval activity occurs along the cold water current running down from the Canary Islands. Most visitors and new citizens arrive by Olympus International Airport in the northern sectors of the Bezekric Arcology Block. 

"Badsiders" head-hunted by the various organizations often arrive by a different mean. Helicopters based in enclaves, bastions, and embassies "ferry" the subjects directly to the Central Olympic Arcology. The "paper-trail" is soon after erased by Olympus based networking experts in the corresponding sponser department.

Applying for Citizenship

 Becoming a legal, bone-a-fide citizen of Olympus is only a matter of few hours, if you've come from another civilized nation. The citizenship test is relatively easy, and employment is practically given to immigrants. For Badsiders, things are a bit more complicated. Employment is hard to come by, and unless you can prove your competence in a field they administration is recruiting for, you'll either be deported or stuck in manual labor. Further, nearly all of the immigrants possessions will be "quarantined". Likewise, the badsider himself may be stuck in the Containment Bureau for weeks, even months. Of course, there's always an exception to the rule. Those special fortunate badsiders that are headhunted are given the red carpet treatment. Any arms they possess will likely be confiscated, but otherwise, they'll be citizens in an hour or two. Still, they'll be faced with a dilemma deliberately made by their Sponsers. With no immediate way to leave, they'll have to choose between working for their Sponser's organization or manual labor. It's almost slavery. Good thing the pay is usually nice.

The Central Management Bureau

 Olympus is the headquarters and domain of The Central Management Bureau, also known as the CMB or Aegis. The offspring of the UPG (the creators of Olympus). Coming to complete power after the end of the 5th World War, its purpose is to maintain peace and harmony on a global scale. Under their guiding hand, the world has realized "peace". Of course, this is a peace in name only. Still, they have managed to implement global nuclear, chemical, and biological disarmament. The also supervise trade and the global economy.

The final (verified) plan of the UPG, Aegis was created to be the perfect peace keeping mechanism, a machine composed of organic parts, and wasn't truly meant to be a nation. Its government does not exist to fulfill the will of its citizens, but rather to enforce global law, maintain the world economy, and protect the human race. But, in a world where there is no certainties, Olympus is one of the safest, cleanest, and generally nicest places to live in the world. The CMB has done nothing to discourage the masses that have flocked to its banner; rather, it encourages it. Still, many on the outside are reluctant to do so. 

The Central Management Bureau is composed of three governing branches, eaching serving different functions. The Executive Branch, has the executive right (obviously) and governs external affairs. The Administrative Branch is Olympus' judicial branch and heads up internal affairs and law, even at the local level. Finally, the Legislative Branch is Olympus' law making body, and is run by the super-computer GAIA. These branches exist in a constant balance of power: checks and balances keep any one from becoming too powerful. The various commitees and organizations within have their own agendas, and they are in constant conflict with each other. This was the intention of the UPG. The infighting slows progress and makes government rather 'sterile', but it keeps Olympus from becoming a distopian city out of the collective consciousnesses of Orwell, Huxley, and Rand.

The Executive Branch

 The Executive Branch is the most powerful branch of Aegis, the Central Management Bureau. Run by Bureau Chief Officer Athena, it determines Olympus' foreign policy and keeps the other branches in line. It consists of two primary groups. The Ministry of External Affairs is "the brain" of all Olympic policy. While the Administrative branch technically controls ESWAT, they cannot be deployed out of Olympus without authorization from the Ministry of External Affairs. The Ministry of External affairs gives out justice with an iron fist. They are the strong-arm of the CMB, and this has alienated them from the Legislative branch. While the Legislative branch is "pro-bioroid", and the Administration is "pro-human", the Executive branch is pro-Olympus. At the end of the day, they're there to make sure everything doesn't collapse inward on itself.

The FBI is the second division of the Executive Branch, and conspiracy theorists would whisper that they truly run Olympus. While "FBI" does stand for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, they can not be equated to the old USA FBI. Instead, they are a sort of secret police that works from the inside, pruning the tree of corruption through out the government. There's a fierce rivalry between them and ESWAT (the latter despising the "gestapo-shit" the FBI pulls). If ESWAT is the greatest unknown para-military force in the world, FBI agents are their lesser known peers and betters. Despite their gruff nature and reputation as being bloodthirsty, they have the lowest arrest and operative fatality rate out of all of the law enforcing organizations. They are extremely independant; they don't even answer to the Ministry of External Affairs. It should be noted that they are the only non-law enforcement orientated position in government that does not consist entirely of bioroid: over 50% of the FBI's operatives are human.

The Administrative Branch

 The second most powerful branch of the government is the judicial and internal affairs department, The Administrative Branch. Unlike similar government models, the power of the judicial branch outweighs the legislative branch...barely. There power is derived from the fact that they act as the "local government" of Olympus. They control local development and the enforcement of CMB policy. They also have control of Olympus' law enforcement and the elite para-military organization ESWAT. The Branch is headed up by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which keeps the city itself running on a day to day basis. They also are responsible for the enforcement of law. The Ministry is headed up by Chief of State Nike. Nike is on excedingly good terms with Athena, though the exact nature of their alliance remains to be seen.

ESWAT is the highest of all law enforcing bodies within Olympus, and they also serve as Olympus' "big stick" in enforcing global policy. ESWAT (Extra Special Weapons And Tactics). Officially, it is not associated with standard police units, though sometimes their jurisdictions cross. ESWAT headhunts new agents from other law enforcement bodies and Badside, putting the rookies through intense training. About 1 in 15 candidates for ESWAT will make the cut. They are trained in the use of many weapons, as well as land mate and vehicle operation. They serve as a special forces, and perform the occaisional black-op. There role isn't restricted to brute first: some of the greatest investigators and forensics experts work in ESWATS Cyborg Crime Investigation team. ESWAT answers to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but resents how the Executive Branch has been using them in strong-arm diplomacy.

The Legislative Branch

 The Legislative Branch is the law making body of Olympus, though of all the powers of the CMB, it lacks the ability to enforce their initiatives. The Senators that make up the Parliament are exclusively bioroid; they are made to represent the demographics and interests of the world proportionately. As demographics change, old bioroids are retired and new ones are instituted. There are no elections.

The actions of the Parliament are overseen by GAIA, a massive supercomputer that takes up a good 25000 cubic meters of space in a massive underground complex in the Central Olympic Arcology. It has the power to call for the "impeachment" of senators, and the power to veto. Gaia is programmed to absolutely represent the interests of Humanity; it has vehemently fought against Parliament for this reason on many occasions. A veto by Gaia can be overuled by the Council of Seven.

The Council of Seven, nicknamed the CPU, is a group of seven first-generation bioroids that have been around nearly as long as Olympus (that's a really long time). They act as the "organic balance" on Gaia's scale of justice. They have been made to be extremely intelligent and moral, and act as advisors to (and components of) Gaia. More importantly, however, they act as Gaia's contact to the politics of Olympus. They are her eyes and ears. Their positions haven't made them any friends in the Parliament or in the other Branches; they have been "put under surveillance for their protection" several times to keep them from interfacing with Gaia.

Finding Employment

 If you want to live in Olympus, you will need to find a job, and fast. If you're a bioroid, or headhunted, this won't be a problem. Employment will be provided for you. Ultimately, you will want to find your dream job. Your job will provide you with capital, favors, contacts, and authority. And hopefully, the effort you have to put into it will be worth the returns.

Government Work

Administrative Position: Administrative positions cover those who work as bureaucrats and civil servants. They are paper-pushers, but they are also the movers and shakers of Olympus. They enforce policy, schedule and attend conferences with dignitaries, hammer out contracts, and the like. This, on a day to day basis, is boring, to say the least. But, when it comes down to it, they have a lot of power, especially at the higher levels. They can grant political favors, and at high levels, they can control policy and use police forces.
Annual Salary Examples
$25,000 Mail Room Boy/Secretary
$25,000  Paper Pusher/Low Level Bureaucrat
$35,000  Bureaucrat/Commitee Member
$65,000 Commitee Head
$70,000 Department Head

Federal Bureau of Investigation: The FBI is the highest of the high law enforcement and investigative bodies and Olympus, and is also a symbol of the Executive Branch's power. Agents do not apply: they are recruited, and not just anyone makes the cut. FBI agents are masters of deception, combat, and the shakedown. It's said that in a gunfight, the FBI Agent is the second one to draw, but always the first to fire.
Rules: The GM may wish to disallow PCs access to the FBI. Both Bioroids and Humans can become Agents, but obvious full Cyborgs will not generally be recruited: they're too conspicuous. 
Annual Salary Examples
$25,000 Prospective Agent
$30,000  Rookie
$35,000  Detective
$45,000  Chief Officer
$75,000 Team Leader

Government Research: Researchers are technicians, engineers, biologists, geneticists, and the like, who work on developing technology and maintaining the afore mentioned technology that keeps the city running. Next to law enforcement, this field is the one in which Olympus does the most headhunting. 
Annual Salary Examples
$20,000 Intern
$30,000  Researcher
$40,000 Lead Researcher
$50,000 Field Head
$75,000 Chief Scientist

Law Enforcement

 The city of Olympus is virtually crime free: bioroids aren't programmed to be felons and in general it is a peaceful city. However, there is the criminal element, and the police are often needed to protect Olympus from extremists, hostage takers, and itself. Olympus has several law enforcing bodies, each with various jurisdictions. All of these organizations are controlled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

The Olympus Police Department

 The rank and file cops of the Olympus Police Department are the backbone of order in Olympus. They respond to crimes in progress, patrol the streets, and investigate crimes. They lack the training and resources of the higher organizations, but they don't need them. The average cop never has to draw his gun in the line of duty anyway.

Police, Patrolmen, Officers and Detectives function in the same way and serve the same functions as in the real world. Police have the power to make arrests and enforce the law. It typically will take 1-5 minutes for the police to respond to any call at any given time at any place in the city. Police get around by car, bike, motorcycle, and on foot.

Air Police

 The Olympian Air Police consists of several squadrons of helicopter, plane, and hovercraft pilots who act as back up to other law enforcing bodies. They are a subdivision of the standard law enforcing body, and fall under the same jurisdiction. Air Police generally are not used except in the most extreme hostage situations, and in hostage and augmented criminal cases.


 SWAT functions as the police strong-arm against hostage takers and violent situations that need to be diffused quickly. They have a good reputation compared to similar organizations in other countries, but cannot compare with the likes of GSG-9, GIGN, and ESWAT. In fact, ESWAT looks down on them as incompetent children. However, the fact that most ESWAT agents are headhunted from SWAT cannot be overlooked. They are generally used to suppress the "day-to-day" acts of terrorism that ESWAT does not have the time for.

Special Investigations Unit

 The Special Investigations Unit is an organization seperate from the OPD, though it is still headed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. They are the "FBI" of Olympus (though they should not be confused with the FBI); they are responsible for investigating criminal activity that stems outside of Olympus. They have several subdepartments, each which investigate and respond to different offenses. They work to stop smuggling of contraband materials in and technology out, to fight the drug trade, and to investigate foreign involvement in local crimes.


 ESWAT is Olympus' premier paramilitary group. It serves as the anti-terrorist, cyborg crime response, and special force branch of the Central Management Bureau. It is not a police organization in the sense that it is not used to enforce local law: rather, it is used to enforce international law and to keep peace. E-SWAT is an extremely well trained combat force, and can easily take on the toughest of opponents with relative ease.


 ESWAT operatives are handpicked from SWAT, SIU, badside "immigration candidates", and, if they get lucky, FBI. Solos and foreign combat personal are often headhunted from badside and other nations to work on ESWAT. These individuals soon find themselves working in law enforcement, or in manual labor.


 "AGAAIN! FROM THE TAAAHP!" The life of the ESWAT agent becomes his training. Prospective and veteran operatives alike are put through brutal, strenuous training at ESWAT's huge arcology in the Central Olympic Block. They train 8 to 10 hours a day, with little let up. Every possible scenario is simulated, and after they are all simulated, they do it all over again. No one overspecializes; this breeds weakness. If a character joins ESWAT, he can expect to be spending most of his time in training, when not on an operation. While this limits the character's free time, they'll make a lot of buddies (or enemies) on their team. It's always good to have drinking buddies who are armed (or is it? *hick*). 

Training consists of 10 day excersizes in various fields. Common excersizes include defense of government property and officials, cyborg crime, hostage situations, landmate operations, room clearing, and assassination.

Training should most definitely be roleplayed from time to time. This is an excellent tool by which to teach the rules system to the players without having to worry about death (as much). It'll make those deadly black ops that much easier. It will also cement the characters together in a coherent group, and it can be used to create conflict between PCs and NPCs.

Operations and Procedures

 The majority of ESWAT missions involve special-forces actions and anti-terrorist operations. Both are compromised primarily of tactical assault, and at this activity, ESWAT is the best in the world. Their training and teamwork really pay off, and the mission fatality and injury rate is lower than those incurred in training. A lesser function excersized of ESWAT is the use of standard police and SIU investigative procedure and assault tactics in bringing in dangerous cyborg criminals too tough to aprehend with normal police units. 

ESWAT will often operate in other countries, often loaned to these nations by Olympus to put down terrorists, criminals, and insurrections. However, often they will operate in other countries to protect their own interests. ESWAT will only do so if authorized to do so by the sovereign government (authorization is often aquired just moments ahead of time) or under the cover of plausible deniability. In such circumstances, operatives have a lot more freedom in their actions (though reckless behavior will lead to pay cuts or suspensions). Still, agents have to be careful what they do. The Ministry of External Affairs has ESWAT investigated routinely. At any given time there will by half a dozen FBI moles in ESWAT.

Getting Around

 It's a big island, and in the course of a campaign set in Olympus, the characters will be scrambling all over it. There are many ways to get around inside the arcologies and between the blocks. Most means are relatively inexpensive and easy to acquire.

Car and Motorcycle

 Olympus does have large stretches of highways and wide roads to drive upon. The roads are well maintained and they allow for the use of wired electronic cars. Traveling from one end of the island to the other takes about 4 hours of driving. All the same, cars are relatively scarce in Olympus, and traffic jams infrequent. Most people either use public transportation or use bicycles.

Public Transit

 Olympus has a large, accurately timed, and cheap metro transit system that runs to all of the beaches and several arcologies in each of the Blocks. Travel by electro-magnetic super-conductive monorail is also available. You can get from one side of the island to the other in 30 minutes by this method.


 Every arcology block possesses at least four helipads. These are government operated, and therefore air transportation is generally limited to dignitaries, military personal, corporate attaches, and other VIPs.

Places of Interest

 Ahh, the places to go and people to see. What follows is a brief listing of various locales in Olympus worth a second look.

Akatendai Arcology Block:Primarily an industrial block, it houses most of the actual foreign corporate holdings. However, there are residences in the area for bioroids.

Anemos Arcology Block: Olympus' science arcology, it is where the GAIA super computer is housed (albeit a quarter mile underground). It also houses the Tartarus Arcology.

Bezekric Arcology Block: The Bezekric Arcology Block is primarily a governmental block. It houses all of the foreign embassies as well as most of the government buildings. Most Corporations with interests in Olympus have their residences and headquarters based in this arcology.

Central Olympic Arcology Block: Olympus' largest arcology block, it consists both of residential complexes and comercial districts. Most immigrant humans live in this arcology block; the ratio of human to bioroid is approxamitely 2:3. This, of course, makes this place a boiling point. Most of the Biocontrol Service Centers are based here.

Suiten Arcology Block: A second Residential and Commercial block, it also houses the Olympic Port Authority.

Tartarus Arcology:The huge, mirrored administration arcology in Olympus. Shaped like a semi-circle, it has thousands of floor levels, all of which are used towards the development and control of military grade weapon and armor development.

ESWAT Headquarters: This building is a massive police structure situated between the primary arcologies of the Central Olympic and Bezekric Blocks. It houses all aspects of ESWAT operations. It also contains the massive training facility (partially outdoors) that ESWAT uses to prepare for it's operations.

The 'Burbs: Between the large arcology blocks are miles and miles of country side, and expensize housing. The suburbs of olympus are something alot of people aspire for, but generally only high administrative positions and stuffed shirts can afford them (ESWAT agents are always in debt...). Still, they are beautiful, and they offer a chage of pace from the somewhat hectic life of the big arcology cities.